Do I need to update my office phone system?

10th October 2018

Do I need to update my phone system?

I hear this time and time again, "we have been told we need to upgrade our phone system because we are moving to the NBN or Business SIP".

Well, if your phones look like this, I would say yes, but in general the short answer is often No. You should not have to update your phone system purely because you are changing to NBN and we find that this is in fact a sales ploy by some unscrupulous individuals. A phone system can be a big investment to any business and to be told you have to replace it when its only a few years old, might not be entirely true. If your system is 8+ years, then there have been some marvellous advancements that are worth looking into. However, this blog is not a "one size fits all" and there may be other extenuating circumstances but if you have been told this and you are quite simply "unsure" and don't want to trust the word of a salesmen, give us a call - obligation free - we are all too happy to provide you with unbiased and experienced advice.

AC 10-10-2018