With demand for staying connected in an ever changing world of technology, choosing a strong Wi-Fi solution that will meet your daily needs is essential for your business.

Frontier Voice & Data offer Wi-Fi solutions for every application, from homes and offices to large corporate networks and point to point connectivity. Our flexible solutions are suitable for indoor or outdoor deployments using a range of different providers. Wi-Fi is constantly evolving and the latest Wi-Fi 6 brings significant advancements in speed, capacity, latency, range, and power efficiency. It's a transformative technology that addresses the growing demands of modern connectivity and provides a better wireless experience for a wide range of applications.

What we offer

Business grade solutions for home or office

We offer a range of brands suited to specific applications from a simple home network to large offices and warehouse deployments.

Professional design and install

Our design and installation services will help you deploy, secure and manage your network efficiently and cost effectively.

Flexible options

Indoor and outdoor, budget friendly or Enterprise grade, we have solutions from a range of vendors to help guide you on the right patch.

Point to Point solutions

We can link buildings, sheds, cattle yards, offices and a whole range of other buildings within line of sight to extend the network across multiple locations.

Remote Management

Cloud Management software allows you to view individual hardware and manage them from any location.